Maui Premiere

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I want, all people in the World like MWO. But a good indicator surly is Maui. The place were the Who is Who of Windsurfing lives. Marcilio and Caitlen were so kind and orginised a MWO screening in Cafe Mamboo. The feedback from the Screen are amazing. Here a few: Goya "Wow, It was amazing!! Was like watching everything that I ever dream off and more, also so important seeing the top guys pushing each other and exploring what is possible along with their friendships and traveling to the different cultures. Really amazing, great job guys!! Thank you and please keep it going!!! Robby Swift: " The best sailors in the world, the best spots in the world and amazing cinematography. Every time I watch it I want to go sailing! John Skye: "Amazing. Four Dimensions has been my favourite "go sailing" movie since it was released and I didn't think the new one would match it. However not only did it match it, but blew it out of the water. Minds Wide Open has just become the new favourite!" Antoine Albeau "very good movie, i liked it a lot, some much action and big waves, I like also a lot the real image of the europeen condition with black sky.
nice job !!"


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