6 of the worlds best windsurfers have joined a group of passionated sportsmen, filmmakers and photographers. All of them working together on a lifetime project called MINDS WIDE OPEN.



Ricardo Campello

If you want to define craziness in windsurfing there is no better way... More


Kauli Seadi

Highly decorated with 3 world titles Kauli does not  need to prove anything... More


Philip Köster

Some call him wunderkind, some the next Dunkerbeck. Fact is that Philip... More

Marcilio Browne

Born and raised in Fortaleza, a million people City in the north of Brazil... More

Gollito Estredo

Gollito brings together technical sailing with style like nobody... More

Victor Fernandez

Victor is world wide known for his mind blowing jumping skills...  More



Andre Paskowski / Producer

Competing for many years on the German national tour ... More

Sebastian Dörr / Cinematographer, Editor

Nicknamed “Basti” is a passionate windsurfer himself. Studying... More
pic sumsi1

Michael Sumereder / Photographer 

Michael Sumereder also called „Sumsi“ stepped into the Minds Wide Open...  More


Additional Camera work: Michael Sumereder, Andre Paskowski, Andreas Jansen, Jace Panebianco

Overview: Peter Svensson

Visual Effects / Design: Nico Uthe

Web IT: Michael Rossmeier


© Minds Wide Open Movie 2011 - Andre Paskowski